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  • Appearance of CARTEL's cards
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  • Guide for CARTEL cards usage
    1. Erase the scratch layer o reveal account and pin on your card.
    2. Dial number 1603
      • If your phone is tone mode - enter sequentially account, pin and destination number, including country code, city code and phone number.
      • If your phone is in pulse mode, press * to turn the phone into tone mode (because all the following user input has to be done in tone mode). Then enter account, pin and destination number.

    3. To determine rest of funds on your account dial access number again and enter your account and pin.

    Note 1:

    To check suitability of telephone pick up receiver and press any few digits. If you hear tone sounds your telephone is ready for use.

    Note 2:

    If your call is made from telephone number in Chisinau, which begins with "7" (i.e. your number is 7xx-xxx), then you have to press "*" key twice.

    Note 3:

    When calling from mobile phone you should enter 022 prefix, as when dialing regular phone number.

    As person you call replies you the conversation time units accounting starts and it stops after breaking off connection. Time units are taken from your account only, so your interlocutor won't get unexpected bill for international conversations. After finishing conversation you can get your balance information. To get this information dial 1603 again. The summ you get will certainly dispel your doubts about availability of our services.

    Sending a fax is done in the same way like phone call and price depends only on message transmission speed. There're no additional requirements for fax-machine.
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