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  • IP telephony
  • DialUp Internet access
  • Fix telephony
  • CARTEL offers only qualitative services. Our customers know what they pay for.
    Company has been providing IP telephony services since 2002. The success was achieved during this time due to high services quality, openness, usage of the most up-to-date technologies and of course attitude to the customers.

    CARTEL is

    As experience shows, only qualitative product is in permanent demand. Services quality is the basis of success. This rule hasn't been invited by us we just use it.

    Attitude to the customers.
    CARTEL's company customer is it's most important colleague. His opinion is always welcome, his requests are always taken into consideration and used when we choose development strategy. CARTEL is a company, created by the clients.

    CARTEL company is ready for cooperation with you. We consider any mutually beneficial offers.

    CARTEL permanently improves it's technological base. We prefer to create own software, without usage of third-party company's services. It makes us sure in security, quality of services, gives us abilities to react to market demands and adapt existing infrastructure according to new customers requests.

    Company continuously watches world tendency, preparing to any changes in advance. It protects us and our customers from external unfavorable factors.
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