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  • The main advantage of CARTEL's IP-telephony is low cost of telephony services with high quality of communications.

    Nowadays many people learn to take stock of their money. One of the methods of expences reduction is to economize on international phone calls. This opportunity is offered by new technology which gains increasing populariry around the world - IP-telephony, "telematic service of vocal information transmission".

    Many customers of this service don't even suspect that they use up-to-date informational technologies to communicate person in another city or country. Customer simply makes a phone call using regular phone, enters his personal code followed by destination number, that's all. The important difference is lower rates.

    Communications services are convenient for those, who:
    • don't like to deal with getting and paying monthly bills for communication services;
    • prefer to control regularly expenses for phone calls;
    • like to plan financial expenses;
    When calculating consumed time, 1-seconds time unit is assumed as the basis, thus allowing to save additionally up to 40% on short conversations and fax transmissions.

    Using CARTEL card you can call or send fax to almost any part of the world.
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